Keeping Moms and Kids in Mind…in Utah County

I’ve had three experiences this week with companies that were aware of moms and kids’ needs. Kudos to the following:

  • World Class Auto Shop, American Fork; they have a huge TOY room for kids to play in when you get your oil changed, etc. They even had a shelf up high for moms to look at knicknacks to purchase, “shop while you wait and watch your kids”
  • Hawkins, Cloward, and Simister, Accountants, Orem; they have a new TOY drawer in their waiting room on the end table, too bad we weren’t told about it until after we had been waiting with our toddler for 15 minutes. Receptionist should mention it as kids come in. Who would have guessed that they would think of kids? Good job
  • Vinyard Gardens, Orem; They redesign their nursery for Halloween and call it Pumpkin Land, they charge $3 and it includes a small farm of peacocks, rabbits, ducks, play area, greenhouse turned Happy Halloween light show (not scary), and pumpkins a plenty, including the 464 pound giant one. Excellent deal.

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