Congrats to Start Up Princess Gina Gwozdz, Featured in USA TODAY

gwozdz.jpgStart Up Princess Gina Gwozdz, a Tax Accountant from Texas, recently commented on this site when I asked for some advice about financing my start up and now USA Today’s quoting her about how she financed her start up (converted her personal office to her home office). Lucky us, Gina has agreed to be a Fairy Godmother/guest blogger on this site monthly so we can all be smart with our taxes. She has great PR advice too, she has a blog (what tax accountants do you know who blog)? and suggests that Start Up Princesses sign up for the USA Today Entrepreneur panel.

Gina launched her own business this year because she was dissatisfied with how her former employers serviced their clients, so she decided to fix that and become her own boss! It’s working out well so far, she is still trying to increase her client base and says that referrals has been her best tool for that. I say, keep yourself in USA Today and sharing tax tips on your blog and you’ll get more clients, Gina! 🙂

Gina is married with one elementary aged child. When I asked her how she balances her work and family responsibilities, she replied, “I try to work when my husband is at work and my daughter is at school. When they are home, I don’t work unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Great to have you in our network, Gina! Learn more about Gina’s advice and business by visiting her profile page on this site.


  1. Welcome to a wonderful group of supportive women who all want to balance home and business.

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