A Day in the Life of a Mom Entrepreneur

It’s midnight and I decided to write a quick post about my day since one of my best friends recently asked me to be honest and just “write like it is” as a mom entrepreneur (the fact that I DO LAUNDRY, DIAPERS, and all that). This isn’t so much a typical day because we went to Pumpkin Land and out to dinner, but you get the idea…it’s busy and crazy managing life, huh?!

I woke up late, very, very late. Too many late nights and a baby who wouldn’t sleep. I woke up at 8am. I usually wake up at 6am. But, it was a gift, I felt refreshed and great. But then, I realized that our sitter would be here any minute and that I was supposed to be on a call any second, so said my prayers then I threw on some sweats and headed to the basement to make the call in semi-privacy while my husband got the kids up and ready, gave them breakfast and watched them until our Mother’s Helper came. (She comes 10 hours a week and helps with the kids and cleaning, I pay her $8/hr. She is a BYU college student, formerly worked at a Montessori Preschool for 2 years and is an Elementary Ed major, one of 9 children!)

I was on the phone for 1 hour or so with a potential client and it was super. I was focused and learned a lot and was able to do some great work.

My Mother’s Helper washed walls and baseboards, cleaned my kitchen, and played with my daughters.

After the call, I fed my baby, ate, showered, got ready, studied my scriptures, and made my bed. I also checked my emails and blogged about Jason Alba.

After our Mother’s Helper left I read a book to my daughter and she napped for 2 hours while my baby napped as well, I did more emails, made some calls, wrote the post about Gina Gwozdz.

After the girls woke up we went on a walk and visited my friend, Elizabeth and her daughter for about 45 minutes. They are moving soon and we won’t be able to hang out very much, so it was a bit sentimental.

Then we went home, fed my baby, ate lunch and I placed an order with a vendor for a fundraiser for One Heart Bulgaria. When my son got home from school he watched cartoons for a bit, I played “kitchen” with my daugther, then we all went to Pumpkin Land with my husband and some friends. I spent 20 minutes of the time at Pumpkin Land cleaning my baby’s exploding poopiness, ugh! Then we all went to dinner, tried not to yell at my children who were driving me crazy on the way home, and then put the kids went to bed at 9pm.

Then I did more emails, fed my baby, wrote the previous post and I had a call for an hour with a potential sponsor for this site, talked to my husband about an exciting development project in Utah County he’s pitching tomorrow to real estate investors (makes my pitch seem so simple). Then I emailed a Start Up Princess about marketing tips and now I’m on here again.

I’m tired now, but I need to start the dishwasher, wash my face, put away the laundry on my bed, check my emails once more take out the stinky trash, and say my prayers. So, good night!


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