Name: Deborah Dushku Gardner

Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Current Residence (City, State): Providence, UT

Education: BS Human Development

Professional Background (brief, please): Co-founder and Executive Director of One Heart Bulgaria, non-profit org., Respite care worker for mentally disturbed children at Wasatch Mental Health in Utah County.

What you wanted to be when you grew up: A calm, fun, organized, and amazing mom. Also, a humanitarian and social entrepreneur.

What you are: A frazzled mom and Executive Director of a non-profit.

Brief Summary of your Start Up:
One Heart Bulgaria is an organization that helps 12-14 orphanages in Bulgaria. Committed to improving nutrition, education (life skills), and giving the children hope in the future, providing additional love and support as we can with our Bulgarian staff who works along side with Government paid staff in the same homes to lend extra hands and support with extra activities and needs. We find American sponsors to fund special projects that interest them and then we implement the project through our team in Bulgaria. We never give cash to Orphanages or Orphanage Directors. We are legally non-profit status in USA and Bulgaria.

Company Website?

What inspired you?
The orphans themselves.

How long have you been in business?
3 ½ years

How did you fund it?
Fundraisers, donations, blood, sweat, tears and miracles!

Do you have a Fairy Godmother (or Mentor)?

Do you belong to any Business Organization or Networking Groups?

Current Business Challenge?

What are you doing about it?
Developed a marketing packet to use as a tool to approach big businesses and corporations. Applying for grants. Sending out newsletters to interested individuals.

Favorite motivational quote
“It’s okay to be disappointed, but not discouraged!”

Married with 3 girls and 1 boy. Oldest is 9, youngest is 1 ½.

If so, how do you balance family and business?
Still trying to figure that out. I try to mostly work on my Non-Prof on Wednesdays while my mom baby sits my kids. On the other days, I work on the computer during their video time, or late at night (like I am now ☺). I try to remember that my family is the most important thing of all and that they must come first. Their soccer, piano, homework, carpools, park time, daily chores, etc. can’t take a back seat to anything else.

Favorite book?
Pride and Predjudice

What do you do to relax?
I don’t relax…but I do exercise and that helps.

What do you want to change most about your world?
Need to lower the stress.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that I vigilantly teach my children all the truly important things.

What advice would you like to offer other Start Up Princesses?
Choose family first. Don’t forget to pay attention to your husband. Don’t give up on your dream!

Favorite Magic Wand (tool/resource)?
If you could design a tiara, what precious stones would you use?
Rubies and diamonds.

Would you be interested in being a Fairy Godmother to another woman entrepreneur? (I am working on a secure system to do this, any ideas?) What would that entail?

What business subjects would you feel comfortable mentoring in?

Would you be interested in going to lunch with other women entrepreneurs for a “networking tea party”?
Heck ya! Sign me up! ☺

If you are out of Utah County, would you be willing to be a facilitator of such an event?

Hmmmm, don’t think I could manage that one with all I am currently trying to accomplish.


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