This section introduces you to amazing women entrepreneurs that I have the privilege of knowing and being inspired by…I have a feeling that one day this section will be so full of women entrepreneurs that this whole idea will have to be run by someone else to manage, any volunteers?


  1. Nancy Cadjan from Sign Babies encouraged me to visit your site and I have really enjoyed reading though it. Thanks for all the useful info. I enjoyed your post about Melissa and Doug. I carry their toys on my site but will not be reordering anymore for many of the reasons you mentioned. I would like to invite you to visit my site I started this business 3 years ago to focus on unique and useful products that no mom should be without. It has been an amazing journey and I would love to share more about it should you ever wish to speak further. Sincerely, Heather L.

  2. Thank you, Start Up Princess Heather!

    I appreciate your visit and interest. I think you will fit REALLY well with our community. We have a lot of mom-related businesses that compliment and strengthen one another. I will put your email on our list so you can join our future conference calls (FREE) and hear great speakers and other events going on…To be fair, I do like Melissa and Doug toys still, just disappointed that they aren’t like they used to be. You know? They need to create a different company or something and separate their products better somehow. Look forward to getting to know you!!


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