Government/National Resources:
1-800-829-4933 apply for EIN number over the phone (only LLC and sole propriators can do this, receive EIN same day!)

Funding Universe

Internet Resources:

Google Alerts free search engine optimization

Free Credit Report ; instant and fast
Business in Utah:; one stop start up business resources 1-801-530-6438; LLC filings
Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund 801-746-1180,

Business in Utah County:

CEDO Center For Economic Development Organization
BYU Center For Entrepreneurship

Blogging: for women bloggers, register blogs, find blogs by and about women findinging blogs, register blogs find blogs, access multiple blogs on one page, register

Marketing/Design: case studies newsletters, articles from Entrepreneur magazine Marketing to Women agency, great newsletters, “Boom” book Meyer & Leichty design studio
Photography: Photography for infants

FREE business cards/printing cards: Vista Print,

Stickers, postcards, etc.

Women Entrepreneurs:

Ladies Who Launch get their weekly newsletter


Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki
E-Myth by Michael Gerber
The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Other Tips for Women/Mom Entrepreneurs:, useful tips on home management Free Grocery Delivery, I use it all the time!
Use Paper Plates!
Trade babysitting once a week
Get up really early (I work from 6-10am, my husband helps with mornings because he has a home office); super healthy cooking classes for free at Macey’s in Utah County and a great cook book I use everyday! Info about children’s books, rating system


  1. My Personal Valet: Concierge & Errand Service
    Need to pick up something, need to get your car state inspected, pretty much anything, this guy does it. Greg Tillack 801-796-1570

    A conference for all woman, entrepreneur or not about finances.

  3. I used this company called for business cards and postcards
    if you type in this coupon code when you check out you will get the first 100 business
    cards for free 100free

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