As I reflect on all the wonderful opportunities and all people that have so generously given of their time, their talents, and expertise, I would like to thank the following for specifically assisting me with Sweet & Charming (formerly Princess Sweet):

* means they served on my board for the 2005 competitions
** means they now serve on my board officially

My Family
Matt Anderson *
Wayne & Christine King *
BYU Center for Entrepreneurship
BYU Business Plan Competition
BYU Business Alumni Magazine
BYU Business Alumni Conference
CEDO, Commission for Economic Development Organization
Gary Williams, BYU Center for Entrepreneurship/ BYU BP Competition Advisor, one of my most dedicated and supportive mentors
Don Livingstone, BYU Center for Entrepreneurship
Wake Forest, North Carolina Elevator Pitch Competition
Rice University Elevator Pitch Competition
Joe Atkin **
Michael Hennesy *
Mike Eyre
Jeff Donovan **
Marcia Hales at My Girlfriend’s Kitchen
Kim Jones
Andy and Natalie Goddard
Leslie Smoot *
Dan Smoot *
Meghan Vargason
Sharon Howard
Mary Brown
Hugh Branter
Laura Hnatow

Stephanie Yager INside, visual merchandiser/designer
Joe Norwood
Brent Bishop
Mark Willes
Laurie Carruth *
Lori Hansen
Jennifer Quinlan
Melissa Sweet
Alvina Kwong
Julie Hundley
Tracey Christiansen
Debbie Bartholomew
Beth Graham
Elizabeth Scott & family
Laura Jacobs
Paul Allen
Karl Larsen **
Alan & Doneen Larsen *
Joe Franchesci **
Brock Blake
Michael Eager
Nancy Cadjan
Cindy Wandry *
Ashley Jensen *
Luke Baker
Brent Ridge
Lucy Healy
Jen Kipp
Brett Shumway
Liz Rosenbaum
Daniel Egger
Flip Filipowski

Matt Landheim

Asparuk “Jack” Voutov

Shawn D. Nelson, LoveSac Founder
Seth Godin, International Marketing Guru,

Amy and Michael Smart

Shannon and Jim Bursach

Carolynn Duncan

Janet Meiners

Rachelle Anderson

Holly Buchanan

Kristen Lamb

Greg Galant,

Laura Sturaitis, PR Web

Sarah Lewis,


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