Kelly King AndersonEmail me: Kelly <at> Start Up Princess <dot>com.

Kelly King Anderson is the founder of Start Up Princess, Sweet & Charming (formerly Princess Sweet) an experience-based child retail business, and a Trustee of One Heart Bulgaria, a non-profit organization for Bulgarian orphans. In 2005 Kelly completed a Master’s Degree at BYU in Theatre for Young Audiences. Her thesis demonstrates how pretend play among preschoolers encourages literacy. Her research and background in theatre is the basis for Sweet & Charming. She has a professional background in marketing and PR, and worked as a freelance publicist for small businesses and local celebrities securing features on local and national television including, The Today Show.

Kelly grew up in Burbank, California and had many opportunities to perform on stage and film. In high school she served as Student Body President and attended BYU on a leadership scholarship. During college she studied in Europe and lived in Bulgaria for 18 months as a representative of her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She became fluent in the language and developed a strong love for Bulgarian orphans. In grad school she directed plays for young audiences and participated in the Center for Entrepreneurship business plan competitions, winning awards at BYU and nationally.

She is surrounded by inspiring women (hence this site is filled with them), many of whom are her dearest friends. She feels very fortunate to know such amazing people!

She is married to the amazing, humble, and handsome Matthew Anderson, founder of Wholesale Works (specializing in consumer electronics for small businesses). They are fortunate that Matt has always had a home office and they can share parenting responsibilites and joys of raising their three young children. They try to live happily ever after in Utah County.

Kelly loves anything and everything “princess”, perhaps because she was born a “king” or perhaps because she believes that every girl is a princess and has every talent, skill, and ability to make her own dreams happen.

Kelly is committed to empowering the lives of those around her, whether they be her own children, orphans, or new friends she meets each day. Kelly loves to share information and help others fulfill their dreams. This site and her companies are examples of this passion.


  1. Kelly,

    This site is a very good idea! What a great fit. I was thinking about what you are trying to do here and thought you may want to know about Alex Mandossian’s Marketing Online Live podcast. It’s all about podcast marketing. I think they have some great ideas for using podcast marketing to generate demand.

    I also think you may be interested in, a podcast for entrepreneurs. Venture Voice is similar to Startup Nation but I think its a little higher quality because of the entrepreneurs I have listened to on the site. Another related podcast is, a podcast done by a local entrepreneur Judd Bagley who just joined the PRWeb team.

    I will stay tuned for a lot more great stuff.

  2. Hi Kelly, I met your husband on Monday at a Corporate Alliance meeting. He told me about you and I am highly interested in speaking with you. I think we have some symbiotic interests and I just plain old want to pick your brain. I’m even more impressed upon reading this.

    thanx for the inspiration

  3. You are amazing!! It has been so fun to see you reach out and grab your dream and make it happen. You are inspiring to all you come in contact with. You will always succeed in everything you do because you lift others along the way. Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Kennedy Odhiambo

    Thank you mum for the heart you have of helping and blessing the life of the needy and destitutes. I love that mum, may God bless you.

    Your son Kennedy ( Kenyan )

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