Sweet & Charming (Formerly Princess Sweet) is Kelly King Anderson’s company. Kelly is currently seeking $20k in funding to launch phase two Spring 2007 with product development and a mall kiosk, phase three is $500k for the first store. Interested investors should visit http://www.fundinguniverse.com for more information or comment here.

Sweet & Charming is a children’s experience based retail company for children aged 3-10 with a castle theme.

Kelly won 2nd place in North Carolina at the national Wake Forest Elevator Pitch Competition in 2005. She was also a semi-finalist at BYU’s prestigious Business Plan competition and a finalist at Rice University (12th out of 160).

She is currently being mentored in the incubator program through the Commission of Economic Development in Orem, Utah.

Board of Advisors:

Joe Atkin, Sorenson Capital, www.sorensoncapital.com
Jeff Donovan, business consultant, www.donovandevelopments.com
Joe Franchesci, COO, Naartjie www.naartjie.com
Karl Larsen, Retail management for Robert’s Craft, www.robertscraft.com
Leslie Smoot, Set Designer


  1. I met Kelly when I served as a judge at the Rice Business Plan competition. 12th place doesn’t really do her justice as she was much closer to winning than that would suggest. I had the opportunity to sit down with her during the semi-final round and was truly impressed with her vision and motivation. I hope that she secures the funding she needs to grow this company because I honestly believe that this is deal is a winner.

  2. Marc, Thanks for the kind words, I am honored that you would read my blog and remember me! I loved the Rice competition, wish I could return as a judge someday. We are trying to launch ASAP in time for Christmas with a variation of the business model we competed with, I will keep you in the loop!

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