What is “Start Up Princess?”

Start Up Princess began as an idea for a blog, and then quickly grew into a concept for a women’s entrepreneurial organization. There will be Networking Tea Parties (lunches), Fairy Godmothers (mentors), Start Up Princess profiles for women to search and find other women entrepreneurs and get inspired from each other’s ideas and successes. As the organization grows, this website will serve as a hub for women to post comments and connect with one another from around the world. As I realized that in my very own circle of friends, I had 4 dear friends who were women entrepreneurs and that I knew at least 2 dozen more, I knew that this little idea would grow over night into a major force for good. I’m so thrilled to be involved with the generation of it!

Objectives of http://www.StartUpPrincess.com:
1. Create a site for women entrepreneurs everywhere to network, learn, share, and mentor one another.
2. Offer helpful resources and materials in one central location that will aid women entrepreneurs in starting or continuing their venture
3. Empower women to recognize that they have the power within themselves, as they are a “Princess” of their world, to make their dreams a reality through hard work, networking, and following inspiration.

Start Up Princess Membership:

All Start Up Princesses (women entrepreneurs) are invited to join our “kingdom” and receive our email updates and announcements.

Please email Kelly <at>StartUpPrincess.com


  1. What an exciting site! One of our team members found your wonderful site and suggested that I submit my information for consideration to be included. Below my signature file is my biography. Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you.


    Deb Discenza
    Publisher & Founder
    Preemie Magazine


    Deborah A. Discenza, Publisher & Founder. Mother to a premature infant born at 30-weeks, Ms. Discenza has an extensive background in the technology and publishing fields. She is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Center for Premature Infant Health and Development at the University of Southern California, a Chair of Consumer Affairs for the Northern Virginia Perinatal Council Steering Committee, a member of the Preemie Health Coalition and a former board member of Preemies Today. In addition, Ms. Discenza is a member of the National Perinatal Association’s Family Advocacy Network, the March of Dimes’ National Capital Area chapter’s committee “Operation Preemie,” and the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.

  2. Hello Deb,

    Wow, impressive bio and impressive company! Do you know our Start Up Princess, Nancy Cadjan (www.signbabies.com?) Sounds like you should meet!

    I would be honored to feature you on this site as a Start Up Princess. Thanks for your interest. I am always amazed by mom entrepreneurs and would love to learn some of your “magic wands.” I will be contacting you soon.

    Best to you.

  3. Glad to see the tea party networking events. Now we’ll have an alternative to Fight Club: http://www.nimbleit.squarespace.com/fightclub/

    My guss is that they’re both meals, talk, and networking.

  4. Congrats on a great site. While I am CEO of our start up, my wife Kim is President and way smarter than me!



  5. Jason,
    Have Kim contact me by email.


  6. Lorrie Colichio

    I am a preschool owner who had the good fortune of contracting with her local school district to participate in their bus universal pre k program. I scrambled to put together this business when I found out the preschool the district contracted with in the past would not be participating. To make a very long story short I started with very little money and the enrollment at my preschool is lower than I need it to be to meet my costs. I am a struggling single mom of 4 who was presented with an amazing opportunity. Next year already has a waiting list forming. I need additional money but do not know how to go about getting it.
    Thank you

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