Fairy Godmothers Carrie and Danielle write:

Pay day.

Reciprocity, noun:

§ given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect.
§ mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges.
§ benefit, consideration, earnings, honorarium, payment, payoff, premium, profit, reward, salt, satisfaction

We’re all for selfless giving – it’s a beautiful and transformative force of nature. But today, we’re encouraging you to be out rightly, gleefully self-centered. Play Chief Operating Officer of your life and take score.

Today’s Magic Wand:
1. FUNCTION: Consider the value of what you create for others. An organized social calendar for your family. Peace of mind or direction for clients and coworkers. A profitable business that benefits many. A lovely home vibe. Sage advice. Punctuality. Tenderness and laughter.

2. FORM: What form of payment would you like to receive: greater revenue, public recognition, constructive feedback, a hug when you come home? Or perhaps some quiet time, a love note, or a simple but sincerely spoken ‘thank you’ would fill your boots.

3. SOURCE: Where do you want that reciprocity to come from? Your friends, family, boss, customers…or your self?


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