Must We Love All Aspects of Starting A Business?

No. How can we love all aspects? We all have different skill sets and talents and it’s ok.

I tend to want to do my favorites all the time:

  • Networking with Entrepreneurs!
  • Attending Conferences/Workshops (Start Up Princess ones, especially!)
  • Writing blog posts, commenting on blogs, reading blogs
  • Reading business books
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Brainstorming/Planning
  • Writing emails
  • Calling and meeting with my mentors/coach/Fairy Godmothers!
  • Speaking/Teaching other entrepreneurs
  • Buying merchandise
  • Interacting with customers!

I certainly don’t love the following:

  • Doing the finances/Quickbooks
  • Paperwork!
  • Inventory
  • Late nights/early mornings
  • Admitting that I have a lot to learn!

images.jpgTodays’ Magic Wand: So, what do I do to make myself sit down and do my least favorites?? I reward myself! I just completed 1 1/2 hours of finance work, so I allowed myself to do a favorite: blog. Hence this little post. I feel better now that I’ve confronted my list of favorites and least favorites. I have been avoiding my finances for a few days…now I’m happy I finished that aspect. I know I will come to LOVE the finances someday when all the checks keep rolling in. 😉

What do you do to motivate yourself to do the “least favorites” of your start up business?


  1. Great post! My list is very similar to your list. In addition to rewarding myself, I also try to break up the items that I don’t particularly love into smaller chunks that are easier for me to swallow. But I must have a good breaking point and a dead line or I may conveniently not get back to my task. Sometimes I will say to myself, ‘okay, I will dedicate the next hour to paperwork.’

  2. Thanks, Bill…super ideas!

  3. To motivate myself to do the least favorite things, I do something I really like so that I don’t resent the late night/early mornings, etc. It’s kind of like your blog reward, except in reverse. I have a tendency to lean towards working way too much, so lately I’m forcing myself to have time for me. And your list was bang on;)

  4. I am trying to do more for myself too…ironically it’s really hard to get myself to relax and read something “fun”, today I hung out with some friends and it was the first time in months…I realized that I’d been missing them! Moderation in all things they 😉

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