Fear & Risk in Entrepreneurship

menice_sm.jpgHere Fairy Godmother Janet Meiners shares some of her notes from the Start Up Princess Make a Wish, Make it Happen Conference:

The theme of Fear and Risk:
Get used to fear and risk if you are an entrepreneur (or do anything great in life). I loved Rachael Herrscher’s story about her dad being an entrepreneur. They got to experience poverty and riches depending on how business went (in fifth grade she had to sell her baseball card collection to pay the family utility bill, yet recently her dad purchased an oil refinery) . He could always find a way to make a living and he knew it was up to him. They looked at poverty as an opportunity to create another way to make money (sold paintings in the living room one time). She said sometimes it’s like jumping out of the plane and wondering where your parachute is or if you even have one. You have to find your passion to be a successful entrepreneur. Rachael’s overall inspiration is a quote by Steve Jobs, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Kristin Lamb talked about her home and told us where all the food was located, noting, if you starve it’s your own fault. So if we want to feast, we have to prepare the meal. We don’t need to do it alone though (as this community of women demonstrated as we helped, shared, and supported each other). She also told about how fear is believing the bad, wrong, or evil will happen. Faith is the other space which is believing the best, good, or right will prevail. You choose…


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