Make a Wish, Make it Happen Conference Highlights

It was an absolute joy to gather today with Start Up Princesses and Fairy Godmothers from around Utah! Today also marks our 6 month anniversary as a blog site for women entrepreneurs, so it was fun to celebrate with our first conference! We’ve come a long, long way…yet ironically when I wrote that first post on July 13th, 2006 I knew where we were heading and that it would soon become larger than I could handle on my own…it’s been a delight to see this dream evolve, thanks to the internet, good friends who have spread the word, and all who have believed in us. I feel so honored to be the founder of Start Up Princess because of all the amazing women who have become a part of our kingdom and all of the amazing women we will meet in 2007! (drop me an email if you would like to join our organization; Kelly <at>

Thank you so much to all who attended and contributed to make our conference so wonderful. We look forward to sharing the details of the event over the next week and also will feature podcasts of the speakers in the near future once they are edited by our sponsor, Fairy Godmother Jennifer Napier-Pierce of Intellicast Communications.

The Highlights of the Event (for me):

  • The vibe was friendly, fun, relaxed, girly, and inspiring! It was a treat to gather together in our host’s gorgeous home and celebrate entrepreneurship.
  • We focused not only on “wishing”, but on the “action” of our Start Up Dreams…I hope everyone has a “take away” with the assignments we gave to turn their wishlists into action items…(this is an idea I shared from John Reese)
  • I loved meeting everyone who came and seeing the faces behind the names on our registration list. It was said by many who attended that it felt so “familiar”, everyone seemed to really enjoy networking and making new friends. What an excellent, high caliber group! Start Up Princesses are classy and smart!
  • New Start Up Princesses far out numbered our “regular” small group from our previous events. It was a pleasure to initiate all into our “kingdom” and to share with them the essence of Start Up Princess magic.
  • The Speakers were excellent! Fairy Godmother Rachael Herrscher spoke about what makes an entrepreneur successul in “making a wish and making it happen” and shared her inspiring story of how she and Stephanie Peterson launched Today’s Mama two years ago and now have a national company; she had us all laughing as she insists that their story is somewhat “ghetto.” 😉 Fairy Godmother Kristen Lamb of Designit Boutique and Chain Breaker Foundation shared her wisdom of the three questions: Do you need it? Can you afford it? and Can you do without it? More on these presentations soon!
  • Networking Groups helped Start Up Princesses get to know one another and share their questions, ideas, and help one another.
  • Start Up Princess is now profitable…previously we had never charged for an event (they were more informal) and although we only charged $15 for our conf fee, it’s a nice feeling to have a little resources for our organization to grow! (although if I was rich I would just make everything free because I love this cause so much!
  • This is just the beginning of the magic we plan for Start Up Princess. Kristen Lamb said that for a moment she could envision that one day we will gather and the room will be filled with 300 Start Up Princesses. I see it too…I hope you will join us next time! 😉

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