Introducing Start Up Princesses Angela Perera and Lisa Rousseau of Walking Spree

lisa-headpic.jpgSeveral months ago Start Up Princess Lisa Rousseau of recently launched (Dec 2006) Walking Spree commented on our site and she’s been a friend ever since…she’s offered many “magic wand tips ” and ideas to fellow Start Up Princesses and has been my partner in sleep deprivation this last month! 🙂 It is my pleasure to introduce Lisa and her sister, Start Up Princess Angelea Pereraangela.jpg co-founders. Enjoy getting to know these amazing women and their start up story:

Why did you and your family partners decide to do the business together?

The concept originally came from a brainstorm between my sister and myself. I had lost a considerable amount of weight and we were very concerned about the increasing obesity among children. We’re both Moms and felt a strong desire to find a way that could improve the health of families and individuals. And one thing led to another and here we are.

What blessings and challenges have presented themselves?

The blessings have been the miracle that we pulled it all together. We are very fortunate to partner with some excellent experts in the field like celebrity personal trainer and author Greg Isaacs as well as Dr. Caroline Richardson from the University of Michigan. We’ve also got some amazing certified personal trainers on board. Support from family and friends has been a blessing. The challenges have been trying to accomplish so much and learning to hold back from the more, more, more syndrome. Learning to set a pace for projects. And the biggest challenge has been trying to achieve balance in our lives with our families and work. A start up business is very demanding, yet we have to walk the talk to be authentic to ourselves and to our members.

What do you hope to accomplish with your product and services?

We hope to help people create permanent lifestyle changes to reach their goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, improve health, manage a chronic health condition or maintain an active lifestyle. We believe that walking with targets in a supportive community can make a difference. And we want to make it fun because we all know that when we’re having fun, it’s a lot easier to stay on track. So we’ll be adding new items all the time, videos, podcasts, quizzes, puzzles and walking games to make it a dynamic environment.

What are your six month, 1 year, and 5 year goals?

Our six month goal is to successfully reach our various market areas and to improve serving the specific needs of these particular customer segments. We will continue to understand the needs of our various customers, fine tune the delivery of our service to meet their needs and ensure take any action to address those needs.

Our one year target is to expand quickly to develop a significant customer base as we realize the full benefits of web 2.0 technology such as forums, blogs and the sharing of personal videos are more effective with a larger customer base. We will continue to hire people in the area of personal coaches, content development and backroom support to manage this growth.

We believe the future demand for helping people create permanent healthy lifestyle changes will be huge but we realize that we must be flexible to adapt to new opportunities and challenges rather than have a set five-year target. With that in mind, we believe we must seek out partners to give us the flexibility to expand.

What are you doing for your PR?

We issued a couple of press releases recently announcing our launch and services. One of Canada’s two national papers mentioned us based on this awareness campaign. We have also begun our New Year promotion campaign both online and in traditional advertising vehicles. We are advertising through Google, selected websites and utilizing opt-in email campaigns. We have also benefited by buzz marketing on the net. We are also starting to advertise in magazines to reach a broader customer base. We are now looking at expanding our distribution and potential cross-marketing opportunities.

Anything else you want to share??

Thank you Kelly for being so supportive of women entrepreneurs. Your Start-Up Princess Blog has been a valuable resource for us as well as others. There’s no doubt that the collective tips and information from everyone can help us all grow and learn from each other.

Thanks! 🙂 Please read their profile pages too!


  1. Hi Kelly, Thanks for the opportunity to do the interview and we’re thrilled to be part of the Start Up Princess community:)

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