Multi-tasking or Multi-stressing?

Great Question! Thanks to my mom, Start Up Princess, Chris King who suggested that I read the Debate article by Costco Magazine’s January issue.

I’ve been thinking about the Pros and Cons of this debate and which “team” I agree with. I am naturally a multi-tasker, always have, likely always will be. To focus on one task is almost painful for me…I get easily bored and need to jump to the next thing…yet I love to get a project done, particularly when there’s a deadline (always give me one)! Just finished the One Heart Bulgaria benefit CD because of the Dec.1 deadline. My family and I stayed up multiple times to get inventory ready for the mall kiosk during Christmas…

I see benefits of multi-tasking when the tasks are mundane (laundry/phone call), (emailing/watching kids play legos), or whatever the case may be. However, when its time to zero in on an important decision and really focus, multi-tasking is no longer suitable or effective, so I don’t think that you can say “Mulit-tasking is right or wrong”, I think it’s all about the intention…and if you are not shifting gears when you should be, then perhaps that is wrong, but ideally I feel there should be more multi-tasking going on…why can’t you listen to a book while you drive? Why not write notes during a conference that you can post on your blog later?

Where I have the most weakness in multi-tasking is that I start too many things and taking on too many commitments…laundry on my bed that still needs to be put away, Quickbooks needs to be updated, family blog needs to be updated, papers that need to be filed, calls need to be returned, sure I’ll judge that competition, teach that class…good thing I’m reading images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: National Best Seller, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

What about you?? Do you think Multi-tasking is effective or not?


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