Beef Up My Blogroll

Sounds like some type of subway sandwich doesn’t it? Weird! I really do want to “beef up” the Start Up Princess blogroll with outstanding blogs that have relevant posts regarding entrepreneurship, mom entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, marketing, funding, etc. Please share your favorite blogs by commenting to this post.

Thanks! We appreciate your help in bringing the best “menu” to our readers. Note that we’re at 20,000 views now! 😉 Yippee. Special Thanks to all who love this site and who have added us to your blogrolls.


  1. I’ve been reading your blog for over a month. I found The Hundred Dollar Business through you and have enjoyed the adventures all of you had during that experiment.

    I run a weblog called Final Embrace (named after my company). I offer daily management and marketing advice to funeral professionals. (And yes, most non-professionals say “ICK!” when they hear that.)

    However, I’ve written about using the Hundred Dollar Business model to create other funeral-related business and we’ve highlighted some things that female funeral directors and owners can do to get ahead in the business (

    Thanks for your great website. I’m still getting used to your new format. But I know you worked through an analysis of your brand and have made changes based upon that information. Hope it works well for you!

    Best of luck to you and your company in 2007!

  2. Thanks Tim for being a fan, I wish I could add your site to our blogroll, however, I think it’s a bit too unique, eh? But If I meet any Start Up Princess funeral directors, I will tell them about it!

    Also, about the new look of the site, yes…we’re experimenting with a different template, but this is not the final look, rather a stepping stone because I wanted the three columns and there’s not a lot of options from Word Press, but at least people can see the top posts and comments more quickly and comments are picking up as a result.


  3. I added yesterday thanks to an email suggestion by Lisa of

  4. Nalene Rasmussen

    How do I post comments and Blog with all of you?? BTW the conference was really wonderfull!!

  5. Nalene Rasmussen

    OH I think I just figured it out? I’m new to all of this. If anyone can offer more tips on creating a business proposal I’d appreciate it.
    -Nalene (Dream in development)!!!

  6. Hey there Nalene,

    You are new to the scene of blogging I guess! Yes, this is how you post comments…;) Sorry there’s no open forum for general questions…but I can help you as you need.

    As far as a business proposal goes, I would start with answering the following questions:

    What do I do?
    Who is my audience/market?
    How will I make money at it?
    What are the resources that I have/need?

    That’s good for starters!

    I would also consult your Small Business Development Center locally. Or, if you want to contact me for more info…feel free.


  7. Hello Again! You recognized me as a start-up princess not too long ago. Anyway, I have a blog that I believe your readers would benefit from. I write tax articles for U.S. taxpayers – individuals and small businesses. Take a look at let me know what you think.

  8. Great to see you on the site, Fairy Godmother Gina! Thanks for sharing your excellent blog with us…also, I’ve put it on our page for Start Up Princess blogs.

  9. I just found a month ago and I am really enjoying it. I just listened to your first three podcasts from the conference and they were also really amazing.

    I have a blog titled Today’s Mompreneur that provides tip, resources, advice, business and marketing planning and anything else any mompreneur needs to know. I am a single mompreneur and I support moms in business and that passion is executed through my blog.

    Thanks and keep up the good work with Startupprincess. It is a very inspiring.

    Blogher Luv,

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