What Can You Do in 15 Minutes for Your Start Up?

This month’s Real Simple magazine is dedicated to this question. This issue has Fly Lady beat I think…they have so many creative ideas of what you can accomplish and achieve.

Some of my favorites included:

  • Write a real letter to someone thanking them for what they have done for you
  • Freeze fresh fruit for later (cut up and put in zip lock bags)
  • Have everyone in your family clean out a drawer

This issue got me thinking about how I generally (and a lot of other mom entrepreneurs and Start Up Princesses) work…in 15 minute increments.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand:

In just 15 minutes spent on your Start Up you can:

  • Create an account or catch up on your Bloglines
  • Register your blog on various blog search engines through Ping-o-matic
  • Create a group email list of your clients
  • Update your contact management system (you might consider free JibberJobber, not just for job seekers!)
  • Read an article or two in the latest issue of your favorite Entrepreneur magazine or from LAUNCH Utah ; I liked this article about Execution by the CEO of Funding Universe, Brock Blake.
  • Call your mentor, or email your mentor an update on how things are progressing with your start up
  • Schedule a networking event or lunch with someone you have been wanting to meet.
  • Write your “elevator pitch” (if you don’t already have one), if you do, look at it again and rework it, update it. I am in desperate need of updating mine. You always have to be prepared…
  • Email me if you want to be profiled on Start Up Princess.com Kelly <at> Start Up Princess.com

Any other suggestions!? We’d love to hear your ideas.


  1. Hey Kelly, thanks for the plug… I don’t have *another* suggestion but I’ll make a suggestion – use JibberJobber for your CRM needs AND for your elevator pitch!

    Kent Blumberg has a nice little article on this today: http://kentblumberg.typepad.com/kent_blumberg/2007/01/customer_relati.html#comments

  2. Jason, thanks for visiting…what do you mean, use JibberJobber for your elevator pitch? Do you mean store in in the program? And for clarification, what is CRM?


  3. In JibberJobber (the free part) there is a section called “Interview Prep” – it is the place to put in different Me In 30 Seconds…. as a job seeker I’d have one for a small high-tech startup that would be way different than one for IHC or eBay. You can put in as many as you want. As a business owner its the same thing, so you can store them there.

    There’s also a place for “power statements” which you can just translate to your own value added prop statement. Bottom line is you can use JibberJobber to store and edit all of these.

    CRM is customer relationship management. Salespeople may live and die by their CRM tools, like Goldmine, ACT! and SalesForce.com. JibberJobber’s free version is significantly cheaper (:p) than they are, while not as feature-rich, it is all about managing relationships – so if you don’t need the super-duper variance report then JibberJobber may be just fine 🙂

  4. Thanks for explaining how cool Jibber Jobber’s features are. I guess its time I start using it more, eh?! I’ve been meaning to…

    CRM seems like a term we should all be concerned about, thanks for the definition.

  5. Thanks for the pingomatic tip! I’d add that you can grab a coffee and spend 15 minutes reflecting on which business goals you did & didn’t nail last month and how that’s affecting you today.

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