Get-a-way at Home

Need a break? Every Start Up Princess/Mom entrepreneur needs one once and awhile! I did tonight! About 5pm I was at my “breaking point” when my kids were having an ice fight and running around the house. I decided that tonight I was going to retreat to my bath tub and create my own get-a-way. Fortunately my husband was willing to help me out so I could “get-a-away.”

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand:

Here’s my recipe for creating a last minute get-a-way at home:

  1. Call husband at 5:30pm tell him you need to run away for the evening (to your bathtub), ask him to feed the kids and put them to bed.
  2. Once husband walks in the door give him a hug and tell him thanks and run away fast to the bathroom before any of your children notice, particularly the baby.
  3. Pour a very hot and steamy bath, use any bath salts, essential oils (lavendar is great). Also pour yourself a tall glass of water!
  4. Gather up any of your magazines you haven’t had time to read Real Simple, Child, Entrepreneur, O, whatever you like…and just soak until you’re a prune. Read, sleep, relax. Listen to any music to meet your fancy!
  5. Get out 2 hours later and get into really comfy PJ’s eat any treats you have on hand (I had 3 cheesecake bites from Sam’s Club). Read some more in bed…
  6. Write in your journal. I wrote 2 pages in my Giant Journal and caught up my kids’ journals.
  7. Call a friend. I called Karyn. Say hello. Cry. Laugh. I did all three.
  8. Feel much better!
  9. Don’t do dishes, cleaning, laundry, work. Just go to bed
  10. Good Night! (note I will be going to bed before midnight). đŸ˜‰

Any other good tips for “get-a-ways” at home??


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