7 Blogging Tips for Success

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: 7 blogging tips

This article has some great ideas and tips written by Gareth Sketty Davies. This is the outline, check his article out for the details. Every woman entrepreneur/start up princess really should add a blog to their existing site! Blogs help establish you as “the expert” and thus helps you to build relationships with customers, gain trust and help you share what’s great about your business and what’s great about you! So…

1.  Update regularly

2. Know your market

3. Keep it well-written

4.  Incorporate Keywords (to charge the search engines for your topic/industry, but keep it natural for the readers)

5. Think of your blog as a conversation starter (get people to comment! trackbacks are also great for your blog, comment on other blogs, trackback on others and they will likely return the favor someday)

6. Keep the tone professional

7.  Keep it short & sweet (not lengthly blog posts, use bullets)


  1. thanks for sharing the tips, cheers

  2. Sure thing, thanks for visiting Start Up Princess.com.

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