Happy to Say “Happy New Year”!

I’m very happy for the New Year & here’s why:

  • Start Up Princess conference is only 12 days away! Through Utah Business Magazine’s PR of the event we’re meeting lots of new Start Up Princesses who are planning to attend and who are already registering in addition to those who’ve been with us already including Erika Wilde, Nancy Cadjan, Liz Rosenbaum, Carolynn Duncan, Janet Meiners, and others!
  • I’m looking forward to hearing speakers Kristen Lamb & Rachael Herrscher at the conference! I’m always learn so much from these women, you will too!
  • Start Up Princess.com will be re-designed in 2007 with new features and events to help YOU network, learn, share & grow your businesses
  • New Fairy Godmothers are joining our kingdom who want to mentor and share their magic and wisdom…including Laura Posey and Cathy Gonsalves
  • My little start up, sweet & charming’s first month is over & it was a great success! Now princesses all over Utah are wearing our dress ups, having tea parties and “celebrating the royalty within”. For me, it’s time to rejuvenate, think/plan with my board of advisors for what’s next (thinking our own kiosk with a manager this Spring). We have good numbers to show investors or to continue bootstrapping it.
  • I’m feeling human again! R&R does wonders.
  • I’ve spent time with family & friends this weekend, something I’ve missed from the frenzy of the start up month at the mall
  • I’ve chosen my “words” for 2007, mine are “NORTH STAR”
  • I’m re-connecting to John Reese’s Reboot Your Brain for my to do’s, desires, and overcoming fears…
  • I just received a book that I hope helps the way I parent, called, “The Soft-Spoken Parent” by H. Wallace Goddard, PhD. (Start Up Princess, Natalie Goddard’s father-in-law)
  • School starts tomorrow (it’ll get us back into a routine that we all need).
  • I’m excited for all of the unknowns of 2007–anxious and happy to see what’s around the corner, even the challenges; (a year ago I was sick & pregnant, never considered I’d be blogging…or starting an organization for women entrepreneurs! The universe is full of surprises)
  • Excited to make NEW FRIENDS every single day through this site and beyond!
  • Opportunities to start fresh, be better, try harder…

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Why are you happy it’s a New Year? Make a list of 1o things that make you happy (not what you’re going to change…) Share with us your thoughts…we all need more reasons to be happy, particularly in the freezing winter month of January! (Ok, winter wonderland month of January…snowflakes, icicles…hot cocoa)!


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