carrieanddanielle_photo2_sm.jpgFairy Godmothers Carrie and Danielle say…

Pick a word, but not just any word…

We adore words. We love the layers, the history, the power of them. In the right combination, with certain intent, words are a magic formula. (like say, a Style Statement…)

Every New Year we choose words as the theme or experience we want for that year. Last year, Danielle’s word was Communion. Carrie’s was Consistency. We threw in some extra words like, Ease and Simplicity just to juice up the potential.

images.jpgTHIS NEW WEEK’S Magic Wands: choose your words for the year – one or two audio gems to plug into your heart as an added bass beat. Take your time. Meditate or doodle. Sometimes you need to claim your word like a brass ring of promise, other times it will float into your mind and feel just right when it gets there.

Every word is a song unto itself. Let it move your groove forward.

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  1. I wanted to share that until I read this post I never realized how much words have been a part of my annual melody and how each year has had a different theme/focus. I’ve been doing this since 2004.

    2004-CHERISH (I had this printed on onesies, made the word into bracelets and gave them away)

    2005-SIMPLICITY/SURRENDER (I made a sign for my house that year, used an essential oil called “sweet surrender often that year)

    2006-PATIENCE/GRATITUDE (This year I studied patience extensively and tried to give thanks in all things continually)

    2007-NORTH STAR (To me, this is a beautiful way of saying focus, consistency, staying true, loyal, determined…)

    Anyone else want to share their theme “word”? 😉

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