Let’s Chat a Bit about Your Brand…

We’re working on developing the Start Up Princess brand and identity right now. Today I received a great email from Start Up Princess Rachael Herrscher that helped me to think through the brand more clearly. Her email reminded me of the “homework” one must do in brand development in communicating what the overall brand represents.

I will share her questions/comments and my answers here:

Rachael: Let’s chat a bit about your brand . . .

What words would you use to describe what you are looking for in a
tone or feel for your site?

Kelly: Smart. Feminine. Creative. Bold. Empowering. Sophisticated Princess. Entrepreneur.

One thing I like about your site is the name — one of the things
about your current design is I don’t think it has a color palette
that matches the vibrance of you or your users and definitely not
your name.

Kelly: True. I actually think we haven’t landed on the right colors yet. The current color is the only option for this blog theme. One of the reasons we are excited to revamp things! Customization!

Rachael: Create a couple of lists of words (you’ve probably all ready done this)

Starting a Journey
Make a Wish, Make it Happen
Dreams Evolving
Sophisticated Princess (grown up)

Rachael: If StartUpPrincess were a person, how would you describe her

Kelly: She’s excited about making her business come to pass because it will make a difference. She knows that she can do it because she has every gift, talent, and ability to do it. She is becoming well networked so it’s just a matter of time before things move forward for her, she doesn’t sit still, she’s a mover and influential, she’s never satisfied with a “NO”, she’s balanced because she cares about others, teaching those around her–family, friends, and fellow Start Up Princesses. She is always striving to take care of herself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally too…balance is key to her.

Rachael: What ISN’T StartUpPrincess?

Kelly: It’s not masculine, it’s not techie, it’s not sassy or diva, it’s not about venture capital (yet, but can prepare for that) or big business

Rachael: How is she different than other blogs or websites that have similar

Kelly: She recognizes that every Start Up Princess is at a different level, stage, phase and wherever she is… is ok. Everyone is welcome at Start Up Princess, everyone can contribute and teach. Everyone recognizes there’s a friend, a sister, a daughter, and often a mother within the Start Up Princess, not just a career woman. She’s comfortable admitting her challenges, fears, failures, not just her successes because she recognizes that it’s all is about learning to be better…and being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight or by the wave of a magic wand. But there is magic within that helps us to create our dreams, if we believe in ourselves and what we can accomplish.


Now our job is to make sure that the logo, brand, look, feel, communication, etc. reflects these ideas…not easy, but at least we’re analyzing this now. More homework to do!
images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Write a short paragraph about your business’s personality. What is it? What isn’t it?

***Since Start Up Princess is about the women entrepreneurs that read it…please comment below of what YOU think Start up Princess is/isn’t. 😉 We’d love to hear…


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