Sincere Sparkle

carrieanddanielle_photo2_sm.jpgFairy Godmothers Carrie and Danielle share this beautiful insight:

By now you’ve probably geared up for the holidays with sense of sweet anticipation… or angst.

Work parties, dinner with strangers we’re related to, and “what were you thinking?!” presents — it can be tricky to be sincere when you’re out of your comfort zone.

But the holidays are, after all, an opportunity to give and to shine. And sincerity is a gift that positively glows.

images.jpgHOLIDAY Magic Wands: Intend to give some sincere sparkle. When you arrive for a get together, before you’re swept away in the chaos, hug the host, look them in the eye, and say something like, “we’re excited for the day.” When you mean it, it goes straight to the heart. If you get another lame present from Aunt Clara, find a way to adore her later in the day. While you’re clearing the dinner table, ask her what her favorite holiday memory is – she’ll be radiant in the telling of it. And when the guests are leaving, a simple, “we really love spending time with you,” will warm them all the way home.

Long after the gift certificates are spent, it’s the genuine, sparkle-in-the-eye moments that become more luminous over time. Shine.


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