Christmas Jars Author, Jason Wright Tells His Story

Earlier this month I featured the book Christmas Jars written by Jason Wright as an inspirational read for the holidays as a Magic Wand. I was delighted that Jason found the post and commented. I began emailing Jason and asked him more details about his book–how did he get the idea? How long did it take to get it published? What are the best stories he’s heard of that have come from people applying the concept? He was very generous to share with us. I feel that every entrepreneur needs to give in order to receive…this book helps communicate this message.

Here are Jason’s words (used with his permission):

“In a nutshell, the inspiration for Christmas Jars came in the shower (true story). I was thinking about the upcoming holidays (2004) and wondering what tradition my wife and I could start that would involve the children. We had one already that my parents passed down, but it’s a “mom and dad thing”. We wanted something the entire family could feel a part of. Knowing we all generate so much spare change everyday that ends up in ash trays, couch cushions, etc., I wondered what would happen if we put every single spare penny, dime, nickel and quarter in a jar at the end of the day. The twist was that instead of buying a new TV, we’d find someone to give it to, anonymously. It was an experiment that worked so well for us, I decided to fictionalize the entire experience. Where might the very first jar have come from? What good could come from thousands and thousands of jars? We’re just now starting to see, and it’s miraculous!

The writing took a couple of months, but the majority flew out of me in about a three week span. However, the entire process was much longer. It took about 9 months from the day I penned the last page to the day I held the paperback in my hands for the first time. Truthfully, that’s unusually fast for a novel. Kudos to the publisher for believing in the book and in the spirit of the jar and fast-tracking it to store shelves!

While seeing the paperback was a thrill I’ll never forget, seeing the new hardcover this year was equally exhilarating. The publisher and designer did an amazing job. They’ve created the kind of book that looks like it’s meant to look at, not touch.

I have had quite a few folks communicate with me in the last year. It’s by far the most rewarding aspect of this adventure. Knowing people are filling jars across the country each and everyday with an eye to a Christmas Eve anonymous delivery brings me goose bumps the size of tennis balls.

The neatest story, by far, can be seen on the web site:

In addition to writing fiction, I serve as president of the small non-profit, The Institute for Liberty. Among other things I write op/eds for newspapers on the pressing policy and political issues of the day. I also write for Glenn Beck’s magazine and radio show. But my favorite gig, aside from writing fiction, is managing my political web site,, home of the original 2008 White House Power Rankings. Seeing how many political nuts there are has been reassuring for me. I’m not alone!”

Note that his book will be a major motion picture in the future, congrats Jason Wright for making a difference in the world.


  1. Julie G Workman

    I am so anxious to sink my eyes and mind into Christmas Jars (& James Miracle). I too have been thinking about what Christmas traditions my family could start and am thrilled that Jason Wright has taken that step. I don’t care anything about paperback books, because I keep the good ones but haven’t been able to locate the hard copy version. I will appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

    Blessings to the Jason Wright family & the creator of this website!

  2. Thanks Julie for your enthusiasm, it really is a beautiful concept. Amazon has the hard copy version.

    May you enjoy this tradition, be sure to tell us how it goes!

  3. Mary Hickley

    I’d never heard of this kind of act happening to anyone. Well, on December 16, 2008, a lady drove into the apartment complex where I live. My daughter was in the parking lot. She called her and gave her a big red christmas bag and told her to give it to me. The lady called me by name and told my daugther to tell me Merry Christmas. This was surely an act of kindness that I had never encounter. It was a “Christmas Jar” that contained over $180.00 dollars. I was speechless, I praised God and sent up a special prayer for the lady and her family. My family and I will begin this ‘act of kindness’ starting the year 2009 and see if we can make a difference in a family’s life. This really made me realize what ‘giving’ is all about. Hats off to Mr. Jason F. Wright for writing such a great book and bringing back the true meaning of giving to others. It really makes a difference!

  4. deliveryqueen

    I just wrote a small blog entry about the book and I think he replied me…..I feel honored. I have never had an author write me a comment. Someday I hope to become an inspirational writer. Thanks for a great blog entry.

  5. Florence Hockanson

    I have seen and heard about Jason for awhile now, and even tried to get at our small library. Will try to join Jason and many others in this very worthwhile endeavor. The hard part where I live will be locating a family that needs a helping hand right now. When we grew up on the ranch, all 9 of us, this would have received a very warm welcome I’m sure. Thanks to those of you out there who are giving love and thanks to others, I hope to join you….Flo

  6. Arlene R. Metrione

    I wrote a short Christmas play geared to older women that was well received and now my friends and family are encouraging me to put it in book form. After reading The Christmas Jar…….such a simple but moving idea and story, it inspires me to do something with my play! Two groups have done the play now that seems to trigger memories for others. Not as valuable a gift as the Jar but it too could serve a purpose as well. Wish I could talk to Jason about his wonderful talent for his gift which gave many people a new hope, purpose and excitement for sharing and that makes a story very successful! We, my husband and I have our jar on the counter! Thank you for such a great idea!

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