Celebrate Your Gifts This Holiday Season

If you haven’t already noticed…the pages of Start Up Princess.com are filled with women with IMMENSE Gifts. Click on any Start Up Princess profile page and you will want to meet these women, to be mentored by them, to become their friend, and surely be inspired by them!

Each Start Up Princess and Fairy Godmother (and there’s many more women to feature in 2007 that are waiting very patiently for their profiles to be added!) has so much to offer, share, and teach us all. They are full of passion and energy! They are smart, witty, and always striving for balance. They have dreams and they are making them happen even when is very, very difficult.

You may wonder…what makes them stay up until 1am and go to bed just to wake up at 5am to feed a baby? What makes them trade a relaxing vacation in the sun for going to a fast-paced trade show in Vegas in August? What makes them passionate about helping another woman entrepreneur when they’re in the midst of their own start up?? They’re passionate…determined…dedicated to a cause…we see it here at Start Up Princess.com everyday.

I celebrate Your Gifts today. You are great moms, hard workers, caring and generous friends, creative marketers, great listeners, authors, you pay attention to detail, you’re cheerleaders of one another, incredibly dedicated to achieving “the impossible”and so much more…!

I hope you take time to celebrate your God-given gifts today and this holiday season too.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and with Start Up Princesses everywhere–women who are struggling to figure out how to set up an LLC, women who are struggling to find a sitter to attend a meeting, women who are struggling to break-even so they can quit working away from home and begin their dream of working for themselves at home!! Women like me, who just want to make a difference in the world one step at a time.

Blessings to my dear friends of Start Up Princess.com! Happy Holidays!


images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand is to write down 5 of your God-given gifts and give thanks that no matter what you get for Christmas, you have 5 gifts that help you become who you’ve become and who you’re becoming.


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