Visual Merchandising

Seriously, I like working on occasion at the “Treats & Treasures” kiosk featuring sweet & charming princess themed gifts and dress ups at Provo Town Center.

I just don’t like that I only get to stock it at 6 am or after 10:30pm now that the holiday hours are extending…I worked tonight from 6-10pm and just got home because of the stocking for the “big rush” tomorrow we expect sales to be HUGE. I enjoyed seeing some friends there tonight and showing everyone the cool foam swords we got in that make sounds like “cling! clang!” when you hit them (only $10.95) and I also played our musical tutus for everyone (Swan Lake, they’re motion-sensored).

It’s a toss up if I prefer designing and creating store displays or working with the customers, I really enjoy design and the behind the scenes “creating a story with merchandise” and the psychology of where to place things, etc. Visual merchandising is even better and more effective when you have the right tools (grid pegs, shelves, etc).

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Advanced Store Design and Displays in SLC on 3900 south, what a fabulous find and help to me; they even sell used hardware gotta love it!


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