YEA (Young Entrepreneur of America) Summit

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to high school students interested in entrepreneurism at the YEA Summit in SLC. I was supposed to speak with Carolynn img_8297.jpgDuncan about The Hundred Dollar Business experiment, however, last minute Carolynn was unable to find someone to cover the kiosk so I was on my own. I shared Carolynn’s vision, why she started the experiment (she only had $100 in her bank account after getting laid off, so she decided to start a business for the next 30 days, she’s on day 15 now). I am one of the “vendors” on her kiosk, so that is how I’m involved.

I emphasized the following points that worked for Carolynn in getting her business off the ground (and why I’m involved):

  • Who do you know? Who do they know?
  • What resources do they have to help you start a business? What products can you sell? Can you get it on consignment? Or can you get a commission?
  • Can you negotiate better terms? (for example, Carolynn negotiated that we pay our rent weekly at the kiosk, instead of when we moved in).

I also talked about power of blogging and how her blog has generated some serious views over the last week because she actively shares her experience and keeps up on it, plus she’s a talented writer, so that helps. Blogging provides more exposure to what she’s trying to achieve and creates a buzz faster than many other mediums.

I also discussed that for me personally, being involved in the experiment (primarily because it is AT THE MALL) that is a gift for me that I otherwise would not have at this time, it is giving me real opportunity to test product and track sales, see what interest people have, what the right price points are, etc. Because it is low risk for me, it is a great opportunity. I talked about how for the past 2 years I hit my head against the wall trying to launch in the perfect, ideal way (the “dream store”), I NEVER wanted to compromise that, until I realized that no one was going to hand me a check for a few hundred thousand dollars …that I had to start somewhere and that time was this Christmas with Holiday Events and evolved into the Mall with Carolynn

At the end I put on my tiara and waived my magic wand and made a wish for everyone that they will make their own start up dreams come true…here is photo of me today with my friend/Start Up King Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber. 100_2866.jpg

After I spoke I had the opportunity to hear Start Up Princeses Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson talk about creating a company culture and also Larry H. Miller talk about his success story in business…(for those who don’t know him, he owns the Jazz basketball team and multiple auto dealerships). I took notes on these and will feature these speakers later, so stay tuned!


  1. Hey Kelly, thanks for the picture – I thought you’d crop me out šŸ˜‰ You had an excellent presentation and format, and it was a treat to see you give a real live “magic wand”! I love watching what you are doing and wish you endless success as you help many aspiring entrepreneurs!

  2. Thanks Jason, it was great to see you at the conf and have you come to our class! You’re a great friend and support to me and Start Up Princesses everywhere.

    Merry Christmas,

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