Courage to Shine CD Benefits Bulgarian Orphans

The “Courage to Shine” CD is finally here! 12 outstanding artists (Mindy Gledhill, Stephanie Smith, Sam Payne, April Meservy, InsideOut, Shane Jackman..and more) generously donated their inspirational music for this great cause.

I am a Trustee foCourage to Shine Compilation CDr One Heart Bulgaria and since 2003 when we started the non-profit I’ve had many titles and worn various hats, most recently, title of “executive producer” for this project. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this CD turned out, a lot of hard work and coordination, but in the end we have an excellent product everyone will enjoy. It’s great music and 100% of the proceeds benefit orphans with their medical, nutritional, and educational needs.

One Heart Executive Director Deborah Gardner, (see her Start Up Princess profile page)will ship them for Christmas! You’ll love it. One of my favorite songs is “Child of Light” by Mindy Gledhill, re-recorded for the album with accoustic guitar and also a song that features 1600 voice children’s choir singing “It Just Takes Love” in 7 different languages. Only $14.95! To order, please visit


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