Systems Are My Friend

Since we officially launched sweet & charming on November 30th (first with Holiday Events locally and now as a feature at the “Treats & Treasures” kiosk through The Hundred Dollar Business at Provo Town Center by Aeropostale), we have been getting “systems” in place.

Systems we’re working on now that are making life easier for all of us!

  • Quickbooks has a great way of organizing vendors, inventory, invoices, etc.
  • Stock kiosk only 3x a week to avoid constant trips to the mall that aren’t cost effective
  • Labeling everything as it comes in with the Dymo printer
  • Getting to bed earlier (11:30pm works), I just can’t do the 7am to 2am schedule anymore, I’m getting sick!
  • Working mostly while my son is at school and in the evenings while they all sleep after 7:30pm, other than that, my Mom’s been here to help me out, but that is a system that is only temporary.
  • Eating regularly, taking my Emergen”C” daily, my supplements, smoothies, etc. (seriously food is a “system” a lot of entrepreneurs I know don’t consider a requirement!?) It was one of the first things I dropped last week…I lost 3 pounds, but feeling faint isn’t a good thing.
  • My Daily Devotional doesn’t “drop out” when I’m busy, it is a necessity!
  • Shower either at night or first thing, (you might laugh at this, but I talk to women ALL the time who are often still in PJs (including me) by 2pm). AAH. When the UPS guy comes I don’t want to greet him that way anymore!
  • Figure out how to get cheaper shipping on EVERYTHING
  • Creating “terms” with my vendors.
  • Play with my kids/ Read to them each day! Involve them as much as possible
  • Decorate for Christmas a little each day (since we’re behind)!

What systems work for you????? We’d love to hear!


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