Spread Christmas Cheer Through Your Business

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand comes from Start Up Princess Jamie Bird of MiniMeBabyGear.

Find something your business can share with the community. This could be goods that are slightly damaged or items that didn’t sell well, but are still in great condition–you could consider a tax-deduction and share Christmas cheer with a women’s shelter or other charity.

My passion came when I was visiting a friend of  mine having triplets at the local hospital. God gave me the talent to sew, so I make dress up ‘princess’ boa robes and bring them down to the local Children’s hospital for the terminally ill pediatric patients. It can be something that seems so small, but I guarantee you the reward to yourself will be far greater. I actually never even see who receives the robes, but I know that I have made some little girl’s day by my donation.

Remember those less fortunate this holiday season, and find a way to share what you have with others.


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