Christmas Jars

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Read The Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright
You’ll be inspired to start a new Christmas tradition (collect coins throughout the year in a jar and then surprise someone less fortunate with it on Christmas Eve)! The novel is a quick read too, I read it in a couple of hours today on my “day off from the kiosk” and enjoyed it very much. The book put me in the holiday mood and made me consider what I could do to help others this season.


  1. Liz

    Kelly…I LOVE that book! Definitely a holiday favorite of mine. My family went to the mall last night to see your Kiosk and can I just say…CONGRATS?! It looks amazing and it’s so fun to see your business actually out there for the world to enjoy! It’s been such a fun journey to follow you on and I’m happy for your success! You are definitely an inspiration to all of us who have businessess or hope to start one…you have never lost sight of your dreams and now they are becoming a reality! I’m so happy for you!

  2. Thanks, Liz! You’re sweet to stop by the kiosk, sorry I missed you. We’ll have to catch up after the holidays. 😉 I hope your holidays go well at Keeping Memories Alive and at!

    Glad that you have enjoyed Christmas Jars too…It’s sure to be a classic!


  3. Jason Wright

    So glad you guys enjoyed the book! But even more glad you have jars on our counters. Can’t wait to hear how it goes when you give them away…

  4. Thanks Jason for visiting and commenting.

    I wish I had been collecting coins all year, but we have a jar going now…I bet you’ve heard many wonderful experiences! Sounds like your own blog in the making.. do you have one? I visited your site, but didn’t see any comments or posts. You really should consider posting the readers’ stories!! You’d spread the good more widely and get more traffic. I’d be the first to comment!

    Blessings to you!

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