Knowing When To Quit

Carolynn Duncan and I have had a very hard time “knowing when to quit” each night because we’re running faster than we’re able to keep up with the craziness of the “Treats & Treasures” kiosk at Provo Town Center (by Charlotte Ruse and Aeropostale) featuring sweet & charming, Nutty Guys, holiday books, and delicious Bundt Cake Factory treats. Things are going really well, but it’s been so hard to keep up.

Every day I’ve had to go full speed with reordering product (now pricing, organizing in to Quickbooks, labeling). I’m also very curious to test some original sweet & charming dress up designs so I hired a local manufacturer to create several designs that will be ready this weekend. I’m using this experience to test, test, test, and see what customers love, what sells, and what’s working the best. That said, my scripture of the week has been “don’t run faster than you are able” because I am so obviously failing in this area. I’m grateful my mom is here still…but clearly she’s only here on a temporary basis (she lives in LA) and my kids need me and I need them! My family has been so supportive and patient, but we need some systems in place desperately and I need to set boundaries of my family time and my work time.

I need some tips from others who are working a lot during the holidays…have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Have you gone to a holiday concert yet? How are you enjoying the holidays and keeping up with work, etc.? I don’t want to decorate on Christmas day (my only day off technically). Do you know when to quit? I need to learn this skill! I’m trying…I went to bed at 1am, that’s “early” for me this week. Aaah. Maybe tonight I can make it before midnight.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Turn off the light earlier and change your “hat”. Experiment today with carving out some more time with your family or just 15 minutes for yourself…I’ll be with you! We all need this. Knowing when to quit is an art for survival!

Share a tip for “knowing when to quit”! 😉


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