Keeping the Kiosk Stocked

What do you do when you have an empty mall kiosk (besides cry)? Fortunately it was a very slow day at the mall. You spend most of the day ordering product!

We will have more dress ups by Friday for the weekend…good thing that I share the “Treats & Treasures” kiosk at Provo Town Center. I’m really excited that we have Channing’s Bundt Cake Factory products and Nutty Guys treats as well as a great collection of gift books for children, besides the sweet & charming collection (I’d have a very empty cart, there’s only 1 tutu left) and a variety of games, accessories, and some cute Princess dolls, but it needs to be packed full so it looks like we have a lot to offer, etc. so I’m excited for the new shipments to arrive.

We’re brainstorming like crazy and talking it up so that people come and support it. If you’re in Provo, stop by, and say hello to Carolynn Duncan the owner of The Hundred Dollar Business/”Treats & Treasures”; she’s exhausted, but so pumped to make this a very successful experience for everyone. I keep counting my lucky stars that I’m a part of it!! 😉

Tonight while I was at the fabric store buying materials for my Mom to make more sweet & charming signature products I considered that she won’t be able to keep up with the demand on her own, in our make-shift kitchen table factory, but I met someone at the fabric store who just launched a manufacturing company and we’re going to meet tomorrow to discuss the sweet & charming line!! Amazing. I hope that it’s a good option for us. She’s local and has 7 seamstresses! Another miracle.


  1. 1 JibberJobber Blog » Blog Archive » Another Blog Carnival Casualty

    […] What? People make money from those silly kiosks? Well, that’s for another blog, another day. I actually think that she’ll do very well with this exeriment – as I said, she is determined. And she has partnered with Kelly King Anderson of to get a theme and inventory, which I think is perfect for this season. Best wishes to both Carolynn and Kelly, and it will be interesting to see how things work out for both of them (I think this is a great opportunity for each of them). […]

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