The Hundred Dollar Business

Start Up Princess Carolynn Duncan and I met in person on Thursday and now I’ve spent the last two days with her at “The Hundred Dollar Business” at Provo Town Center. It’s fun that Carolynn liked sweet & charming concept and products and that she’s having fun with the theme…;) img_8264.jpg

Here we are at 2:30am in the morning setting it all up! We were there that night until 5am and poor Carolynn didn’t sleep a wink, she was back at 7am to open!! She’s been a pleasure to work with, fun, professional, getting more and more organized each day, teaching me a ton, and a big inspiration!! Granted that luck has been in our favor since this all happened and we slipped into a situation where the previous kiosk was failing (poor product). The whole thing has been worth it and if I didn’t earn another cent from selling my products there, I would feel that my rent was worth it! But good for both of us that sweet & charming products are selling well and people love them, we’ve sold out of several of our products and there was a lady today chewing me out that “it’s so picked over! You need more inventory!” 🙂 Good problem to have, I will be placing many rush orders tomorrow morning!img_8280.jpg

What amazes me is that Carolynn set out to start a business experiment on Nov.25th with $100 and here she is a business owner of a mall kiosk and has only spent $43 so far…you really must read her story/blog.

I honestly didn’t really even understand what the experiment was all about until today when I read the first post. She explains that her objectives are to test principles in networking, negotiating (I dare say she’s a DARN good negotiator because we’ve been selling product for two days and she hasn’t even paid the deposit STILL), resources, research, and more…check it out here.


  1. this is AWESOME – I’m excited that you are working with Carolynn on this and can’t wait to see the outcome. Seems like a terrific win/win for both of you.

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