sweet & charming Miracles!

Hello, I’m back…happy to report and share my miracles!!

It’s 12:22 am. I just got home from The Provo Town Center and no, I wasn’t shopping late. I was at “The Hundred Dollar Business”; a holiday kiosk called “Treats & Treasures” that sweet & charming is now actively a part of for the Christmas season! MIRACLES of MIRACLES!

I have considered, sweated, prayed, and nearly signed a kiosk lease (but got gunshy at the $4250/mo fee) but finally settled on “sweet & charming Holiday Eventsimg_8253.jpgI even produced two very successful ones this week, yet even while doing them I kept thinking, “I need, I want a store, I wish I was at the mall. I have great product! I have a great concept!” The universe listenend and responded immediately. I never imagined that within 48 hours I would be selling sweet & charming products at the mall!!! I will explain how this happened.

Here is the rundown of my week:

Monday: Arrived home from Newport Beach at 1am. Went to bed, woke up at 8 am, drove carpool, unpacked from the trip, and started to open up a few boxes of inventory that had arrived while I was away. Followed up with the Holiday party hostesses and followed up with the One Heart Bulgaria benefit cd , “Courage to Shine” at the press. My mom helped me with my kids (she is staying with us right now to help me with my business launch and it’s another MIRACLE that she’s here). I started calling all of the theatres for renting a Sugar Plum Fairy costume for the parties. No luck.

Tuesday: Continued to prepare for the Holiday Parties; planned how I would display product, started pricing inventory, considered creative ways to package product and prepared products. My mom made a second apron for our Holiday Parties (one for me and one for my assistant). I located a FABULOUS authentic Sugar Plum Fairy costume and made arrangements to pick it up on Wednesday, hoping it would fit our ballerina. Continued to prepare product. My baby got a bad cold and required a lot of attention, didn’t sleep the entire day. My Mother’s Helper, Kathryn came for 3 hours and helped with my kids and did laundry and put away laundry and cleaned up the disaster in the kitchen. Confirmed details for the Holiday Parties with both hostesses. I emailed everyone and reminded them to come. I thought that maybe I had purchased too much inventory and got a little concerned. I considered merchant account needs with United Bank Card.

Wednesday: More preparations, spent a lot of time with Sara, our ballerina in training her and getting the costume (it fit!!); took her to Jamba Juice. My mom helped watch my kids for several hours while I picked up bags, tissue paper, boxes, etc. at XPEDX. My baby continued to be very sick all day and when I got home I spent a lot of time with her until late. I started to organize my business with my husband’s help on Quickbooks, but I finally gave up about midnight. Decided to just do that later.

Thursday: Packing up product, organizing, picked up The Nutcracker cd from my friend, borrowed a display from another friend, set up the party.


Earlier in the day I read a quick email from Carolynn Duncan who I had only recently via email and she told me about her holiday business ideas, she mentioned that she was trying to put together a few vendors to do a kiosk together; I declined, it seemed a bit far fetched to try to do something like that so last minute and so expensive. I knew that the mall would require a deposit, a lot of rent…I invited her to come see the party and she came, she loved the product and pitched me her idea of the kiosk again, it sounded more reasonable and doable. I was interested and excited to see if it would happen. She talked about sharing the cart and that someone had already offered to pay the deposit. We could pay the rent weekly.

The first party was very successful; everyone who came purchased product and it was fun. I wanted to do it again. The Sugar Plum Fairy was a hit.

Baby Bella still really sick and not a lot of sleep that night. I found out that the One Heart Bulgaria CD was held up at the press because they are now requiring every artist to sign a release form; we had to call all of the artists and get them to FAX a letter back…this took a couple of hours and still is not finished. More to do on this tomorrow!

Friday: I spent most of the day again reorganizing inventory and preparing for the second event which turned out to be even better and I sold even more inventory. The children all raved and the moms all “oohed and aahed”. I got home from the party at 8:30 pm and got a call from Carolynn, she said we could set up at 10pm if we were ready, even though she had not paid the mall the deposit they would let us set up!!!!!!!? I was the only vendor who would have product there besides Start Up Princess Nancy Cadjan’s Sign Babies flash cards products which didn’t take up a lot of space and also Start Up Princess Channing’s Bundt Cake Factory cakes, if she had time to make some…I suddenly felt like laughing and crying at the same time. How could God be so merciful and I be so blessed? Here I was invited to bring sweet & charming product to the mall for CHRISTMAS on a Saturday! I didn’t pay a deposit, I haven’t paid my share of the rent yet…

Then reality set in and I was really excited and nervous, now it was time for getting everything in Quickbooks! Hurry, fast!! My mom and Matt helped me sort through what was left of our inventory and relabel everything with professional skews thanks to Matt’s Dymo Label Printer (awesome product!) and we set up a inventory sheet, etc. img_8264.jpgWe finished this at 2 am and then I called Carolynn... time to go set up at the mall. The mall would open in 5 hours!!

We arrived to find a very helpful Security Guard who transported our tubs of goods to the kiosk and we set everything up and decorated. I had grabbed a few last minute ideas (I grabbed some ribbon from home, some marabou, etc. and my cute Princess banner). We finished this process at 5am and I signed the contact/agreement with Carolynn. (She runs the cart, I can come help too…or not. đŸ™‚ that is the best part for me personally wit my kids, however, I have a feeling that I will want to be there a lot because it will be very busy)! We counted all of the inventory on the cart and wrote down the numbers on our inventory sheet.

I was surprised how much inventory actually fit on the cart, it wasn’t as full as I had hoped. I was glad I had sold product at the Holiday Events, however, it made me wish that we had more!!img_8280.jpg

Saturday: We got home at 5:30am and I crashed until my son woke me up wanting breakfast…I told him to help himself! But I had to get up…poor Carolynn hadn’t slept at all and was already at the kiosk!! I wanted to see how it was going; they had already sold $150 worth of stuff by the time I called.

I relieved Carolynn’s friend Rachelle at 11am and the I worked until 3pm; It was amazing to see the difference between the mall and the Holiday Events. Completely different. At the mall, I had to get them to notice the cart with many other competing attention grabbers, however, it was fun and there were thousands of people constantly walking by, commenting on product, and even purchasing…it was encouraging. After Rachelle taught me briefly how to ring up a transaction I was on my own, I messed up the first transaction and couldn’t remember how to do it, I lost the sale because of the challenge, but it was only a $3 tiara, but still…then I figured it out and started to get more confidence.

Carolynn came back at 3pm and then I went home to get a nap; then I returned again until midnight (it took us a while to close out and figure out how to close the kiosk)! It was a GREAT first day, a great opportunity for me to see how the product was doing at the mall and to start building the brand a bit…it was encouraging. We have nearly sold out of many of our products now so I have to scramble and get more; fortunately for Carolynn she gets to sleep a bit more tonight and so do I…until 10:30 when I have to bring more product that I had reserved for the Holiday Event next week, I might just have to tell them to go to the mall!

img_8297.jpgI am so amazed by Start Up Princess Carolynn Duncan, what a privilege to be a part of her “experiment” and to see her courage, her diligence, and no fear mentality!! I will blog more about this soon…she’s only spent $43 or so TOTAL on this business and it’s at the MALL! Check out the details of her experiment, the “Hundred Dollar Business.” This will be a book!!!

Special thanks to my mom and my husband Matt for their sacrifices and support!! They slept little too…

So…that’s my week. A week of Miracles! đŸ™‚


  1. I am so glad that after weeks and weeks of planning, your launch was a success. I knew you could do it! Congrats on the the kiosk and party. Keep us updated:-)

  2. Congratulations! What an exciting week!

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