Do You Want Raving Fans?

images.jpgStart Up Princess Jamie Bird of MiniMeBabyGear recommends Today’s Magic Wand:

Raving Fans written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

This book is different from many other HOW TO books since it is told in parable format, it follows a customer service manager on his quest to make the department he works in thrive. He meets his Fairy Godfather who takes him to meet threebusiness owners, all of which went on the same “Raving Fan” journey. The Fairy
Godfather emphasizes that customer service is not enough to retain customers, it takes “Raving Fans”- people who love your business and are willing to tell anyone they can about you. In fact, the author states that in many organizations, customers would even say they were satisfied if you asked them, but the minute someone has something better to offer they will go elsewhere.

Three magic wands to creating “Raving Fans”:

  • Decide what you want– look at the perfect vision of a business you would shop at-whether it is free valet at the grocery store or receiving a rose and a box of chocolates when you walk into the department store. No matter how silly and unrealistic that vision is, think it all through.
  • Discover what the customer wants and see how that fits with your vision.
  • Deliver the blended vision plus one percent

Instead of trying to overhaul your current customer service system all at one, focus on a few goals. Be clear with your customers on what you will deliver every time, be consistent, then exceed customers expectations by one percent.If you have a minute, I would highly recommend this book for all levels of business. After all, what we all need is “Raving Fans” to keep growing business and maintaining customer loyalty.


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