Podcasting 101

cadjanson.jpgFairy Godmother Nancy Cadjan of Sign Babies also reports on PODCASTING:

Cammon and Start Up Princess Lorri Randle of Copper Rain Productions presented recently on the basics of Podcasting. Podcasting is a method of automatically distributing multimedia files over the internet (aka webcast, vidcast, cast, vlog). Podcasts are user-generated. They are received by using RSS feeds (really simple syndication) which allows the automatic download of media files. It is like getting the paper delivered to your door every day. Podcasts were created to be viewed on mobile devices, but can be viewed on any computer.

You look for podcasts using directories like iTunes, podcastalley.com, podango.com, and ipodder.com. To listen to the podcast, you need an Aggregator or podcasting software (that reads the RSS feed) like iTunes, Democracy Player, and Juice.

In the first two days after Podcasts were introduced, over 1 million people signed up for casts. In one example, a podcast about rock climbing that has been around for 7 months gets to more people downloading it than the number of subscribers to the oldest climbing magazine in the country. A business in Sandy, Utah is in the top 5 business podcasts next to Harvard Business Review. Spending no money, they have hit 30,000 downloads in one day. This has generated more leads than any other marketing strategy that they have done.

Copper Rain gave the Top 5 Reasons to Podcast:
1. It is Cost-effective
2. Gives people control of what media they consume (so you are hitting the people who want to have the info)
3. You hit your target market
4. You establish yourself as an authority
5. It is fun

Most podcasts are free, but if you have valuable information that you think people will pay for, you can set up a subscription. Here is what you need:
• Pick a specific niche to Podcast on.
• Have some kind of idea of what people are going to listen to.
• Create a script of what you are going to say (at least an outline).
• A computer or recording device
• A microphone or video camera.
• Audio or video editing program (audacity is free)
• Blog or website (RSS Feed)

Remember the following:
• Keep it short and simple (20 minutes max)
• Audio is easier than video
• Video is cooler than audio but you cant watch while you are driving etc so your audience is smaller
• Keep at it—your audience will grow


  1. Hey thanks to both Nancy and you Kelly. We are very excited here at Copperrain with some of the success stories and numbers we have found. We are having another class on November 30th 5-7pm. The first half will cover these stories and the uses and benefits of podcasting. The second half, Cammon will go over Podcasting and what you need to get started. You can visit http://www.copperrain.com/podcastyourself to watch they way cool video we put together for this event.

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