Business Blogging 101

cadjanson.jpgFairy Godmother, Nancy Cadjan of Sign Babies recently attended a seminar in Utah County on Blogging, her report:

Bryce K. Nielson gave an introduction to blogging. Bryce maintains 4 blogs (see ) Blogging started over 15 years ago. The name originated with Web Log and was shortened to blog. Blogs can be online journals or they can display news, events, and thoughts. A blog is kind of like a Soap Box. Blogs are grouped by genre. It is useful when there are several people blogging on the same blog (hence, Kelly’s request for guest bloggers).

Generally, people find blogs by stumbling on them through Google or by getting referred to them from a friend. There are blog search engines (,,

If you are going to blog, you should post on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). This will help you drum up business. The more regularly you post the better. And the more people who participate as bloggers, the better. Some sites have several bloggers (like startup princess)

The main reason to have a blog is for marketing. Blogging increases your exposure. You should focus your blog NOT on selling but on giving so that people come back. Ultimately people will come back to you for business. If your blog is very popular, you might consider adding advertising and turn it in to a profit center.

The easiest way to get a blog going is to use a third party blog site. Use a site that is connected to your business if you can. Or, use a generic blog site like However, it is better to get in with another blog that is already up and has an audience if there is one related to your business because you can get more connections with your community. Some ISPs are also providing ways to create your own blog on your site (

You should blog about topics related to your business. Make it valuable to viewers. Make it less of a sales pitch and more of your opinion. The most important thing that you have to do is to be steady and frequent as a blogger. Add pictures as often as you can.


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