Unlock The Potential of Snowy Nothingness

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand written by Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama:

A Blank Notebook!

Simple I know!  Low-tech, low-cost, low-maintenance!  My favorite
thing in the world is to buy a brand new unlined notebook.  Blank
pages!  The latest one I’ve been using I got for free in the mail
from veer.com.  There is a little blurb in the front of the notebook:

“A place for your ideas . . .”

“As a creative, the blank page is where you work, where you play,
where you test ideas and prove your points — it’s where the rubber
hits the road.  Sometimes ideas flow effortlessly.  Sometime they
take superhuman effort.  But you persevere, because it’s your job to
unlock the potential of the snowy nothingness.”

I couldn’t say it any better!  So go get yourself a blank notebook –
keep it with you always – in the car, by your bed, in your diaper bag
–  you’ll be surprised how often your brain wants to “unlock the
potential of the snowy nothingness.”


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