Mothers Work: A Book Review

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand written by Start Up Princess Jamie Bird of MiniMeBabyGear:

One of the best inspirational stories for mompreneurs is Mothers Work by Rebecca Matthias. Fellow Start Up Princess Heather Ledeboer recommended it, and it is a wealth of information on how to start and maintain a business. Around the time she got pregnant with her first child, it was impossible to find professional maternity clothes. Realizing this might be a need for other working pregnant women, Matthias launched a 4 page mail-order catalog. Her first try at the catalog was a bust- she spent $10,000 and only received $3,500 in orders. Where a lot of us would give up and try something else, she still believed maternity clothing was a great product and retried her catalog idea.

Despite a rocky start, Matthias gradually turned this mail order catalog into a maternity clothing empire. All of the major brands- Motherhood, Mimi Maternity, A Pea in the Pod– she owns them all. Her three mantras are to “think big”, “focus”, and “never give up”. Helpful, easy to read notes at the end of each chapter detail pitfalls and things she has learned along her journey. If you have big dreams and are looking for a guidebook, this is a great tool to help your business along.

You can buy a used copy on Amazon for only 80 cents! 


  1. After reading your review I actually bought the book from amazon for .80 cents! I read it in two days, I couldn’t put it down. I love how honest she is in her book and it was inspiring to read about another mom, her struggles and successes. I highly recommend it to other women entrepreneurs.

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