Real Stamina

carrieanddanielle_photo2_sm.jpgFairy Godmothers Carrie and Danielle’s wisdom:

“It’s not easy being green.”
– Kermit The Frog

Being true to yourself is not always easy. For fear of not being accepted, we tailor our personality, mince our words, and carve our opinions to fit in. It takes courage to be real – and it takes stamina because if you want the best out of life, it will demand the best of you time and time again.

When you choose to be real, there will likely be tough choices and 11th-hour changes. There will be misunderstandings, uncomfortable silences, and sometimes, there will be isolation.

THIS WEEK: Ask yourself when it is that you feel like giving up. What discourages you, or tempts you to doubt that sweetness is on the way? Now, write down three remedies for discouragement…lunch with your best friend; a visit to church; a night out dancing; warm soup, eaten in silence. Do just one of those things this week to keep your stamina strong.

What’s loved becomes mighty.


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