Introducing Fairy Godmother Kristen Lamb

carllamb-kristen-1816.jpgMeet Fairy Godmother Kristen Lamb, of Design it Boutique and Chain Breaker Foundation, from Woodland Hills, Utah. Kristen has a wealth of experience in design, marketing, retail, and business consulting. Prior to launching her own interior design business, Kristen helped build her husband’s decking business to be #1 in the state and then sell it. They enjoy working together and have created their businesses to suit a large family of five children. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Kristen and learning from her. So much, that I’ve invited her to be a Fairy Godmother and guest speaker at our January Make A Wish, Make it Happen 2007 Start Up Princess Conference. She has a beautiful personality, clear about her priorities, and has a polished sense of style. Kristen’s also comfortable being a “Princess” because she was Mrs. Utah 2003! Even her platform was about the royalty within.

Recently, my husband and I had the pleasure of touring her lovely custom home and hearing all of the details of how she planned, designed, and labored over details. Truly, her home is as ornate and inspiring as anything I’ve seen in Europe, yet it still felt like an active family lived there. See it here. Her home is a spectacular showroom for her clients as well as a place to express their French flair. Kristen’s husband, Rob only speaks French to their children and they enjoy feeling connected to France at home. After visiting Kristen’s home and seeing her impressive 6,000 square foot showroom in her basement filled to the brim with exotic leather sofas, ornate hutches, and art, I felt a bit envious of Kristen’s lifestyle and opportunity to bring clients by appointment into her home and “play” with them as Kristen calls it. She truly enjoys her work, making people’s lives beautiful. One thing I thought was very fascinating is that she said, just as your styles of clothing change, so should your home decor. There is an emotion attached to our style and tastes, they shift and change over time. She recommends clients start with #1 Kitchen table, #2 Family room, and #3 is creating Fabulous master bedroom! Kristen has clients who come from a five state radius to shop and receive Kristen’s expertise, from home plans to remodels to purchasing a new end table, Design it Boutique does it all.

Besides making homes beautiful, Kristen makes people beautiful (inside) with her non-profit organization, Chainbreakers Foundation also located in Utah County. They teach people how to overcome debilitating issues and create new lives for themselves and their families so as not to pass down to another generation. Kristen’s father “broke the chain” in Canada and inspired her family to start this organization. He is also a lecturer on the subject.

Welcome, Fairy Godmother Kristen to Start Up Princess and we look forward to learning from your wisdom! To read more about Kristen, visit her profile page on this site.


  1. 1 Start Up Princess Conference JANUARY 13, 2007! «

    […] Kristen Lamb, Founder of Design it Boutique and Chainbreaker Foundation; Co-Host of Healthy, Wealthy, WOW Web Radio with an international audience. In January Kristen will have her own segment starting called “Dear Kristen” where she will answer from listeners. Kristen was also Mrs. Utah 2003. She is a wife and busy mother of five children. Kristen Lamb is also a Fairy Godmother for Start Up Princess, mentoring women entrepreneurs. You can read more about Kristen Lamb on her Start Up Princess profile page. […]

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