Kids Books Teach “Systems”

Seven Silly Eaters is one of our family’s favorite books. It’s a delightful rhyming read with clever illustrations and a progressive story that helps reinforce the value of team work and systems such as E-MYTH. At first the young mom is capable of keeping up with her baby’s demanding warm milk routine, but then the next baby will only drink freshly squeezed pink lemonade…and then baby #3 only eats home-made bread and so on…pretty soon 7 children are demanding their own specific quirky meal, and as they get older, more and more of it. Eventually Mom is beyond frazzled, no longer able to practice her Cello, the place is a pig pen, and she drops dead into her bed every night (sound familiar? hmmm…) Then the kids wake up in the middle of the night and each try to make their own meal for Mom as a birthday present, but none of them know how to cook, so all of the “meals” end up in a pan and try to hide the evidence in the already warmed oven and they go off to bed to sleep until morning when Mom wakes up to find a perfectly pink and plump birthday cake (from the bread dough, the pink lemonade, the milk,…) And from that day forward they never eat anything different! And best of all, Mom is happy!

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Look for examples of “systems” wherever you’re at. You might be surprised what you learn. Check out another favorite systems kids’ book: The Country Bunny and The Golden Shoes


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