The Queen of Scream’s Spellbinding Business Comes to A Close

I’m a total scaredy-cat when it comes to The Rocky Point Haunted House in SLC (I’m not linking to their site because the trailer scares me and when you click on the site it automatically begins, be forewarned if you check it out). I went a few years back and that was enough for me. My husband however, is a groupie, he’s there tonight and will be there again tomorrow night after trick or treating…he loves it. From a theatrical stand-point, I was completely in awe of the elaborate Hollywood rented sets, costumes, make-up, and role-playing. I would go this year, if it was 10am and all the lights were on. I would walk through with The Queen of Scream, Cydney Neil and compliment her on how she’s succeeded in making her Haunted House a huge money making machine, voted #1 in The COUNTRY, get 50,000 visitors a day, donate thousands to charity, and provide jobs for many young people. And I would add how smart she is that when there’s a 2 hour wait she can get people like my husband to pay $2 more to go to the “express line.” Cydney Neil says this is “Final Fear, Final Year”, however, why isn’t she selling it to someone else? It seems like she could find a buyer, just not me!


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