Get a Website or Lose Out!

Last week I found a vendor that I’ve been searching for for nearly a year. I found them because they were featured in Hudson’s Children’s Wear Review and they listed their phone number. Previously all I knew was the company’s name which did not link to any sites in my google searches. In today’s internet based business world, people don’t have patience for looking for vendors.

When I called the vendor today I told them how hard I had been searching for their contact info and she said, well, you should have called “information for my company in New York”, well, I didn’t know it was located in New York and I don’t usually do that; isn’t everyone on the web? Apparently not. Then when I asked if she could email me a PDF of her catalog or at least digital images of her products she said that I would have to call her rep in SF and then they could meet with me. Well, I’m not in SF and I doubt they want to come to Utah so I can place a $200 order. So I called the SF rep and she said the best she can do is mail me a “salesman binder” of photos and fabric samples via UPS but I have to ship back within 48 hours. This is certainly backwards for our high tech give-it-to-me-now-or-I-won’t-buy-mentality (there’s that opportunity for developing patience again). The rep said that she’s been begging her client to get a site or get up to date for 10 years. I told them they could send me the binder, however, I doubt that I will ever want to re-order in these circumstances unless they make some changes. I just don’t have time for that. I can hardly return my library books on time.

I wonder how any company can grow without a site! At least a homepage?!


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