Marketing That Never Quits

Don’t you get mad at commercials and slogans sometimes? Today I retreated to my jacuzzi bath tub for some R&R and I found myself telling the sitter, “Calgon, Take Me Away…” I probably haven’t thought of that slogan for years and somehow it came back to me in the moment that I wanted to run away and hide from my crying children and zone out. The beauty of slogans done well is that they become part of our culture and our language.

Guy Kawasaki writes in The Art of The Start that more than slogans, our very company names can become common place terms such as Q-Tip, Google it, etc. Now that’s powerful marketing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever say, just “Yahoo it”.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Consider your favorite marketing campaigns and why they succeed. What can you learn from them? My favorite right now is Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. Their message is so inspiring it makes me want to support their effort. They have created workshops for girls as an outreach program that I hope changes the way girls think about themselves. Now that is one marketing campaign that I hope NEVER Quits.


  1. newspapergrl

    I love that campaign too. Dove gives money to a nonprofit that helps girls and women with eating disorders. They also got women photographers to photograph the women they think are beautiful. Then they held exhibits of the work in big cities.
    Last night I heard Brian Collins from Olgivy and Mather speak about the campaign (I believe he personally worked on it but for sure O&M did). I was inspired.
    Great marketing starts with a great brand. Great brands begin with a story. He said now women are describing themselves as “Dove women,” meaning they have some substance to them. That is incredible. Dove has infused itself into our culture so quickly. They’ve created something relevant and powerful. Nike is also doing great work in elevating women in their messaging.
    What I love about your idea Kelly (Sweet & Charming) is that it elevates and has a powerful message.
    I love seeing positive advertising campaigns that make a difference and beyond selling product, influence your lives. It also makes me feel less evil about being a marketer 😉

  2. Janet, I hope you blog more about hearing Olgivy and Mather speak…I would have loved to have heard him too.

    It is true, companies that have the most influence for me personally are those with a powerful message/story that I resonate with.

    I can only hope that the story we are creating with Sweet & Charming will resonate with families so it will make a difference.

  3. How many insurance company jingles can you sing?

    You know,

    “You’re in good hands”
    “We live where you live”
    “American Family Insurance”

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