Tips on Getting A Sponsor

Chris Knudsen , VP of Sales at Podango just offered some excellent advice about how to get a sponsor for your business, conference, or podcast:

  • Sell the value of the sponsorship opportunity
  • Focus on benefits, not features or price (for example: airbags are a feature, but talk about how they are a benefit because they make your family safe)
  • Consider trade sponsorships
  • Consider companies who otherwise would be doing direct mail pieces to your audience

  1. Smiley

    Hi, thanks for the advice. I am looking for sponsors for a MMA Event in Newfoundland, Canada. I want to make sure I know what I am doing before I do it, if there is anything else you can recommend or help me with I would really appreciate it.

  2. Peter Juma

    I want to put up a business but have no cash to do that.
    I am looking for a sponsor to do that.

  3. have got a problem of fund and current i want to pursue my dream career of human resourses management i i real need to take that field the problems is money as you know in tanzania we are living poor.

  4. muhire j p

    hi, i’m A1 Enginneer in Alternative Energy and i want to continue my studies.
    would you please help me get a sponsor?

  5. Emilly Turinawe

    Thanks for the adivice. I really need a sponser I want to continue my studies in Environmental studies but have no funds to continue mt studies.

  6. Tony Nyangi

    Hey am Tony from Kenya, jas completed my high school and perfomed well 8/12, am really in need of a sponsor…pliz help i really wanna join college. Thanks

  7. Tony nyangi

    Wassup guyz

  8. Tony nyangi

    Jaguar paw thats me

  9. Tony nyangi

    Hi am Tony and i wanna start a cleaning company. Pliz help

  10. tony nyangi

    funds for charity. anyone out there contact me. thenx

  11. I. offer sponsorships. to needy Africans

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