Introducing Start Up Princess Heather Ledeboer

me-and-the-kids.jpgA few years ago Heather Ledeboer Founder of Mom4Life was working as an elementary ed teacher and wanted to be home with her new baby, so she began searching for a solution to provide income through the internet. She began with $100 and an eBay account. She says,

eBay is a great way to start without needing to have much in the way of start up costs. You don’t need a domain name, website, business cards. . . The fees have made profits smaller and have made it no longer profitable enough for sellers who have very small profit margins. However, eBay is not my main focus any longer. It is just a side stream of income now that I am focusing on my website. It is still profitable for me though and for many, many others.

Heather also launched a very basic site that her husband designed and now three years later it’s been professionally redesigned and she features a full range of natural, healthy, innovative products for mothers and children. Heather has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the last year as she has been actively placing ads in national magazines. I was surprised to hear that her sales jumped after she placed ads because I think this a-typical, however, Heather’s very savvy. She groups her vendors together on a page and asks them to help pay for the ad, then they all share the cost.

As I was trying to get our schedules together, it was a bit of a challenge, one day she was off to meet a client at Disneyland with her kids (cool idea!), another time I had something going on, however, once we realized that we were both online between 11pm and 1am, then we got to know each other better. I would ask a question and she’d instantly answer. She even told me I could call her a midnight! I love Heather’s dedication to her family, the inspiration of her business and how she has hired several people to help her to grow her business so she can be focused on her children throughout the day. She says that if she can’t do her business between 8 and 1am, then it’s time to hire someone else. Some people would hate to be working everynight at these hours, but that’s mom entrepreneurs for you…we have to choose to work either very late or very early!

She says: My 5 year goal is to turn up the “heat” with more print advertising to grow online sales to be double (at least) what they are now. I also plan to open my first physical location. My 5-20 year goal is to have Mom 4 Life be franchised in locations across the US.

We’re thrilled to have Heather in our network of amazing women entrepreneurs! Learn more about her by reading her profile page.


  1. I have worked with Heather for over a year and she is an excellent businesswoman with a wonderful vision. I am so happy have more contact with her in Startup Princess. I am working with her advertising and am excited to see results. Thinking out of the box is one of Heather’s great qualities.

  2. What a great site. It’s lovely, easy to navigate, and has a bunch of great products. Well done Heather!

  3. Melodious Smylie

    Heather…you are amazing! Gosh..your site has come so far. You are amazing and I am thankful that the Lord has blessed your business. To think…it’s all for His glory! Good Job! I can’t wait to see how Mom 4 Life grows.

  4. Heather Ledeboer


  5. Heather is my inspiration! I own a home based business as well and there has been numerous times Heather has provided me with the strength and optimism to keep moving forward. I respect her as a successful business woman who acts with integrity and also adore her as a dear friend. Keep up the good work!

  6. From the day I met Heather via emails (business to business owners) I knew she had a strong faith, amazing business ethics and a passion to offer mommies only the best and useful products. It has now been over a year and I finally had the opportunity to meet Heather in person. All I can say is she is as “real” as it gets. She has a geniune heart for her children, her business and for life!
    I now have the opportunity to work with Heather as she is featuring some of my products. I am so grateful to be any part of her fabulous business! Heather, you are a blessing! Keep it going, you have exactly what it takes to fulfill ALL of your goals!

  7. I have worked with Heather since 2004. She was one of our very first retailers that we brought on board.

    It has been nothing but pleasure working with her. As well as I now feel like I have a friend too…

    Heather does have a true passion for her business and her products and this really shines through. 🙂

  8. Heather has carried our children’s educational products for toilet training and behavior modification on her web site for years and she is a fabulous inspiration to women that “We can have it all”. You go girl.
    Tammie Aaron-Barrada
    President & CEO
    Aaron Barrada, Inc.

  9. Heather has carried my flagship product Swaddleaze for over a year now and she is not only an astute business woman but a remarkable mother and person. Her customer service is impeccable and her product assortment is fabulous.

    She and I have developed a friendship online–at first she asked me for advice on start-up businesses, marketing, PR, etc. Now I am the one asking her for advice on how to get it all done and still keep the focus on what’s truly important–our families. She’s an inspiration to me and I’m grateful for all her sage advice.

    She has her eye on the tiger and is sure to accomplish ALL of her goals.

    Most sincerely,
    Heather Allard
    2 Virtues Inc.
    Makers of Swaddleaze & Blankeaze

  10. Heather and I actually met when she taught with my husband. I remember her setting up shop at the local market night with her swaddlers. A short time later, I browed her website in awe at how far she had come. At the beginning of this year, she started featuring my Dress Up Boa Robes, helping out yet another mom/businesswoman.

    Heather is an inspiration, and is the reason I have my own website. She made my realize my own dream of staying home with my son was “in reach”. Her website is littered with not only great products, but also resources for other mom’s to create and maintain their own business as well.

    I wish her the best of luck, know that any goal Heather puts her mind to will be accomplished, and am thrilled because I know Heather’s heart-to glorify God in everything she does. I would say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant”!

  11. Hey, I work til 1:00 A.M too!
    But I’m SO pooped all the time. Love your site, Heather! Maybe I should sell some of your stuff on my site too!

  12. Heather is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her customer service is second-to-none. I’ve read several rave reviews recently from customers about Heather’s site, service and products–they’re all true. As I write this at 1AM, it’s a good feeling to know there are other mompreneurs like Heather working the late shift, too. It’s a blessing to meet a business owner who cares as much for the people as for the business. I hope to emulate that ability to care, organize and innovate in my business ventures, as well. Thank you, Heather!

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