CopperRain Launches New Video Marketing Tools

cadjanson.jpgFairy Godmother Nancy Cadjan, of Sign Babies reports:

Start Up Princess Lorri Randle from CopperRain gave a recent presentation on the use of video for business marketing. Some surprising statistics were mentioned. Now that millions of people are using the Internet and many have broadband high-speed internet, it has become increasingly popular for people to watch video online. The obstacles of putting a video on an internet site are no longer there.

However, many marketers are not tapping into this audience because they think it is too expensive. Lorri’s opinion is that businesses can’t afford not to do something video. Video on your business website enhances it:

  • You are more trustworthy
  • You differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Websites with video have higher conversion rates

lorri-smal-look.jpgLorri’s company CopperRain has a new concept called the Feature Story— a packaged video that tells a story about your business or product and is cost effective. This 3-5 minute video costs $1500 and can be shot in one afternoon and up on your site within a week (probably for people in the Wasatch Front). This is a cost effective way to get video on your site. From personal experience, I have paid the same amount for a flash clip that was not as dynamic as the videos.


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